• Satin aluminum oxide finish
  • Super tough commercial coating now available for very high traffic areas
  • Matt aluminium oxide finish on engineered range

The BT Strand Aluminium Oxide finish has up to 13 layers of coating.

Hydro UV Barrier Coat
UV Duro Sealer
UV Sandable Sealer
HPC Anti Scratch Top Coat

High Performance Coatings (HPC) are applied as multilayer systems by roller coating technology and cured by ultra violet (UV) energy. The coatings yield extreme hardness resulting in high mechanical resistance to scratch, impact and abrasion.

The coatings are water based and are free of halogenated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, formaldehyde and any harmful emission complying with international standards.

The BT Strand coatings used fulfil the following characteristics:

  • Comply with the EN71 Quality Standard
  • There is no migration of hazardous elements
  • There is no harm from direct skin or oral contact with coated surfaces
  • The coatings are based on waterborne polyurethane dispersions or acrylated polymers
  • The coatings are vinyl-free
  • The coatings do not produce obnoxious gases when burned or decomposed


Every pattern, every color, every nuance of nature is different and defines the environment around you. Our collection of 15 BT Bamboo decors inspires to do the same by giving you a wide choice in colors to enhance the beauty of every room in your home, for you to enjoy, for many years to come.

Solid strand woven bamboo flooring that has the warmth and stylish appearance similar to timber.  A unique blend of natural straw and coffee tones.  Smooth surface.

Solid strand woven bamboo flooring that has the warmth and stylish appearance similar to timber.

Pre-finished boards with stylish satin coatings finish to accentuate the natural beauty of the bamboo

Strong Valinge patented profile, precision milling for a tight fit, and a quick and easy installation. Waxed edges for moisture protection and noise reduction

About BT Bamboo

BT bamboo is manufactured from specially selected bamboo that is harvested from sustainable forests. The bamboo stalks are grown to maturity prior to harvesting to ensure the strength and quality of the product.  It is treated against fungal attack and insect infestation and then kiln dried. Strand woven bamboo is created when random strips of bamboo have been assembled under extreme pressure and heat to create the hardest most durable bamboo available.  It is manufactured to international standards of EO emissions, for high indoor air quality, to look after your health.  Aesthetically it appears like timber and is the bamboo of choice for many architects due its stylish satin coatings that accentuate the natural beauty and warmth of the bamboo.

Profile  Click-lock
Dimensions 1845 mm x 130 mm
Thickness 14 mm
Surface Finish
13 layers Trefferts Aluminium Oxide Satin
Pack Size
1.44 m2

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