Oak Amelia
Oak Amelia2


Making a difference

Swish products have been making aesthetical difference in many homes across the world. The Swish laminate flooring is classic, sophisticated, and modern. You can make redefine the mood of a room using flooring. The Swish longboard laminate flooring is suitable for all areas in the house from play areas to living and sleeping areas.

Inspired by nature

Swish laminate flooring maintains the feel, smell and touch of natural wood. This is combined with the technical finesse of HDF construction.  Swish laminate planks represent the coming together of nature and modernity.

Freer hand

Swish longboard laminate flooring allows for more experimentation in your floor designs.  You can choose from a wide variety of flooring material.   The flooring material permits putting your imagination and fantasy into action.  The look of the laminate floor will also support your décor ideas making your house as classy as you would want.

Benefits of our Swish laminate flooring

  • Versatility in design.  You can choose from a wide variety of laminate flooring that replicate the feel and touch of wood patterns. Our grains and knots are uniquely embossed to mimic natural wood in the best way possible.
  • Easy maintenance. Laminate flooring is very easy to clean.  It is water resistant and will not warp like hardwood flooring. The laminate flooring will not be damaged by excess water flooding on the surface. Dry cleaning such as sweeping, dusting and vacuuming is very easy on this surface.
  • More affordable. Laminate flooring is less costly than hardwood to purchase.

Easy installation. Swish laminate flooring comes easy to install. The tongue and groove planks are easy to lay with minimal labor, making it very cost effective.


Swish laminate aqua flooring is the perfect flooring product for moisture-laden areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. It’s moisture resistant, but also slippery resistant, making it safe to walk on when wet.

Swish laminate Aqua range is produced from natural sustainable raw HDF wood fibre materials. There is a 25 years guarantee on this flooring, which shows high confidence in its quality.

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Oak Amelia

Dimensions 2200 mm x 196 mm
Thickness 12.3 mm
Surface Finish
Pack Size
2.16 m2

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